giving thanks

26 11 2010

in the quiet of the night,
surrounded by the loudest silence of your environment’s natural ambiance,
with wind, rock, trees, animals,
the star-spotted sky and the moon shining through

say it.
say it outloud.

and with an open mind,
an open heart,
and a complete now-presence between you and the world,
feel it flow,
like the moon-light through space:

Thank You.




One response

4 12 2010
Janice Halpern

Modim anakchnu lach – the prayer of thanks in the Amidah, giving thanks for “the miracles that attend me morning, noon, and night.” Like James Carroll’s essay on “The American holy day” that I hang up each Thanksgiving – is there a Recipient of these thanks? Does it matter? We can feel that our lives are blessed without having to define or understand or even believe in a Source of Blessing, and give thanks without address the “Thank You” to a specific You.

How are you?

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