if it ever seems like “too much”…

28 11 2010

(i’ve been posting a lot lately),

you’re welcome!

I don’t say that to sound arrogant; I say that to point to the fact that every thing in this world is a blessing. It can be easy to say “oh shoot, another book, now i’ll have to read this, and think about it, and THEN i’ll be done with it”, and it can be easy to forget that we actually want to read the book, to enjoy that bit of writing, that person’s soul and mind expression—indeed, that’s why that book has come into our life. There are millions of books, articles, magazines, movies, people in this world… what comes into our lives, we have chosen, and we have chosen them as our specific blessings.

“And the lord said, ‘Forget me not, for I will only send you angels'”.

you don’t need to read every thing i write. you don’t need to read any of it! if you want to, in joy it! if it’s a burden, ignore it! poof! burden-be-gone!
another way of removing burdens is to alter our belief that a certain thing is a burden. maybe all these blog posts are scary, because there’s so many words, and your life is so busy with so much going on, and this blog is a burden that just adds to your stress. That is one way of looking at it. Another way, and just as easy, is to think of this blog as a respite from burdens. While reading this blog, you can put your feet up, lower your shoulders, breathe slower, light a candle, some incense, and mellow into this tension-tamer, stress reducing bit of word soothing writing: “ahhhhh, it’s blog time.”

I am, of course, using this blog as a metaphor for any thing we consider to be a burden. (i dont consider writing this blog a burden; it helps me share my self, clean out my mind, make room for new thoughts.) i am aware that any thing “large”, looked at from outside it, can be overwhelming. i think i have written this post, on a subconscious level, to remind myself to enjoy all the large tasks in my life. yes, these tasks will take time, energy, care, commitment, and will… and they may prove difficult, bearing hardship, calling up vigilance, endurance, patience, and strength from my innermost, deepest self. but when it’s all out on the table like this, that’s not a burden— THAT’S WHERE THE FUN IS! Growth! stretching one self, new-found flexibility is new-found freedom.

and i postulate, as many others have postulated in the past, that even things we “have to do”, even things that come into our lives “randomly”, from outside our self… every thing in our life-experience is some thing we have chosen for our self. in that thought, i feel free. this blog is not something one “has to do”, but some thing one “chooses to do”, and in that shift, realizing this is a choice, one opens their self to new possibilities, new ways of experiencing this blog. if i have chosen this, whatever this is, that gives me the freedom to experience it in any way i want to. when we increase our response-ability for the world and our choices, we affirm our leadership in our lives: president, manager, decision-maker, boss: “I”.








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