25 12 2010

i’ve been sick, healing, working a little, spending lots of time in my room, reading, incubating, healing, interacting slightly, with what am i interacting?

some thoughts that have been fermenting, strengthening, settling, in me:

(this is not a persuasive essay. this is just me recording my thoughts, maybe written in a way other people can understand them too, at least enough to think about them and decide for their self if they sink or float… or if that matters.)

  • Goodness is the child of Truth–oneness and love. When oneness is realized, understanding we, and all that is, are all branches of the same tree, and when one realizes all that is is a gift, that every present moment is a present, goodness follows.
    • what is Goodness? beneficence. Compassion. Love-in-action.
  • This entire universe, this space-time continuum, is the living out of Desire. Desire, in it’s lowest form, is ignorant of our connectedness– it is individual, “isolated”, one-self selfish desire. the highest form of Desire is acting out of the awareness of Need.
    • what is Need? all that IS.

every thing that happens Needs to happen. In this simple Truth, our oneness, and all of life’s complete safety, purity, and innocence, is realized: there is only one Will.

in this one Will, Desire comes from, and leads to, Goodness: to make clear that the present is a present. a person ignorant of our one Will, our shared being, may appear to do badness, but to see “badness” is to ignore our one Will, the fact that every thing that happens Needs to happen.

in Truth, all is Goodness. when we differentiate between ‘good’ and ‘bad’, it is a differentiation between how apparent the Goodness is.


  • all words are silly. all ideas are silly. all that is certain is the dual-less fact of being.






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