even in routine, we must remember awe, wonder, reverence… joy

22 01 2011

i think a secular culture is a mistake, if the goal is happiness. we’ve replaced the concept of ‘god’ with what god really is. during tea breaks, we might look at the sky and think “wow”… but then we return to work and we stress and suffer. without awe, there is no reverence, no genuine gratitude, only temporary self-gratification. but it’s all a miracle… we must remember to look, to listen, to feel the wonder within the mists of routine.
True awe doesn’t start and stop with rest hour; it groks the entirety of the process that is life, and every thing drops away in the face of the immensity of it all. i reckon, that’s what god is–the whole process; including the pristine sky, the slushy sidewalk and sewer, the moments when life clicks, and the moment when life shits, the sorrow, the fear, the difficulties, the challenge… oh yessindeedy, stepping back into the wholeness, god is especially the challenges.

a thought on responsibility (from a friend here): only with a foundation of a sense of responsibility can choices be made clearly, purely– conscious choices, informed decisions. without completing the responsibility of feeding our selves, warming and sheltering ourselves,  our choices for ‘how we live’ would be very limited. the roots must be set for the trunk and branches to grow.

a thought on Jedi Knights: showed Star Wars Episode 1 in Fountain Hall Friday night. will show the rest in the coming weeks. When their ship made an emergency landing, needing repairs, I noticed how Qui Gon interacted with the world on Tattooine, saying “The Force will guide us.” He has full trust in the Force, and his actions reveal that trust, the way he listens to what people say, listens to his intuitions about going or staying or leaving some one behind or taking them, fully conscious in all his interactions, in every ‘little thing’ that goes on around him… it’s all the Force, sending messages, and only by being awake and listening can one interact appropriately with the world.
also, with the notion of pod racing and a quick solution, Qui Gon doesn’t rush to put Anakin at danger for a chance to get the parts their ship needs, he rejects the idea: “Your mother’s right; pod racing is too dangerous”. He’s humble in fulfilling the needs. Only when Anakin pushes, and his mother concedes, does Qui Gon support the pod race. And his trust helps give Anakin trust, and the energy flows with momentum, fulfilling what really needed to happen.

What struck me most about the Jedi on this viewing is their consciousness, their awareness of their surroundings, their feelings.

also, one can interpret “The Force” as: ‘George Lucas’, or, ‘the script’.
so in ‘real life’, what’s the Force?

and we’re back to the beginning! awe in how it flows.





One response

12 02 2011

I just wanted to say that I loved this post. Wittgenstein led me to a similar viewpoint on awe. And if I can make one suggestion as you go forward watching Star Wars: keep in mind the Buddhist perspective and how the characters (particularly jedi) deal with attachment.

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