20 02 2011

I’ve been reading about Krishnamurti, Ramana Maharshi, and the book I Am That, by Nisargadatta Maharaj. Their teachings (especially the latter two) center around the question “Who am I?” or the phrase “I am”, not in relation to “I am this” or “I am that”, but just being “I am”. That state of simple being, the sages agree, is a state of pure, quality-less, uninhibited bliss, from which pure love and compassion flows most easily. Here are some more thoughts on the ‘I’, for ya’ll to think about, and maybe real-ize the state of pure bliss, and for me to clarify for my understanding.

What we usually call “I” is a conglomeration of memories and ideas — this body, this mind, this personality.
The mind is a lot like Al Quieda: the name of an organization that does not actually exist. What the U.S. Government called “Al Quieda” was really a few individual people. What we call “the mind” is really a whole lot of individual thoughts, all occurring spontaneously. What we call “reality”, too, is a word which signifies a collection of unique phenomena. “Reality”, as such, does not exist, only every individual, spontaneous phenomenon. What we call “snow”, “hiking”, “movies”—these are all unique phenomenon, comprised of even more unique phenomena. Also “Dan”, and any huwan, is a unique phenomenon consisting of many unique phenomena occurring simultaneously, including the nerve system, metabolism, circulatory and respiratory systems. It may be more accurate to say “Dan is writing this blog” rather than “I am writing this blog”. Why? I cannot prove “I am writing this blog”. The blog is being written, but is “I” doing that? “I” is not identifiable with any thing—I is no ‘thing’. “I” could be called “the potentiality through which things are possible”. “I” is writing this blog, in the same way “I” is reading this blog, in the same way “I” is wagging ‘my’ tail, in the same way “I” is cooking a meal… “I” is the space in which things take place, an infinite, unlimited space. The more “Dan”, or any “person”, absorbs, and is absorbed by, that space that is no ‘thing’, perfect peace, bliss and love remain, while the conglomeration of ideas that we call a “person” unites with the space of all. Some call this state “samadhi”, but any word merely scrapes the surface of the infinite state of being. Ideas can drill a little hole into the state, but do not real-ize the pure being that it is.

In the village, I’m learning about how to interact with people, all individual, circumstantial lessons. Some are more challenging for me than others; all are great lessons and experiences, stretching my comfort, stretching what I thought to be ‘the limit of my abilities’, experimenting with the questions “What is the most beneficial way to handle this situation? How can I best support the individual people involved, and support the entire house/work/village community?”. Through all these experiences, there is an “I” which experiences them. Learning how to teach some one how to fold laundry can help when that situation arises; learning what “I” is can help one’s entire life-experience, for “I” is always, all-ways present. When I find myself residing in the state of Self, of no-thing, in which all things take place, there is no resistance between “Dan & the situation”—all is one; no separation of good or bad experiences–all is a blissful experience in millions of varying shapes and colors, often comical, always miraculous.

In Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope (showed it in the Hall last Thursday), when Luke is practicing using his lightsaber to deflect the shots of a practice droid, Obi Wan puts a helmet with the blast-shield down on Luke’s head, so Luke cannot see the droid. Obi Wan tells him: “Let go your conscious self, and act on instinct.”
It’s great fun, lots of applause, loud laughter, sounds of “ewwww” at creatures that aren’t huwan (The Cantina scene especially). A few kind people help move the chairs and put away the projector screen and speakers before it starts and when it’s all done.

May the force be with all that is 😉

















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