I love reading

19 03 2011

Why do I love to read?
The same reason I love to dream.

To stretch my mind into a new world,
to be led,
to be taken and to take the steps
into a reality existing right now,
seemingly different than the walls around me;

the events of which always happening,
the book’s beginning,
the book’s ending,
the middle,
the action,
the relaxed awakening of realization–
it all takes place in this moment,
and by reading them we’re re-minded of them,
tap into them,
into their existence,
imbue our present existence with their existence,

and the question
“Who am I?”
“Who is reading this book?”
My existence
and all that’s left
are not clouds and no lake,
not even air.

Realities upon realities
and even these, too, disappear.

What IS,
simply naked and bare.

I love reading.

Existence does exist.




How are you?

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