where we’re at (what a country)

15 10 2011


the rich can be rich.

the stubborn can be stubborn.

the inquisitive can question.

the angry can be angry.


the poor can be poor.

the hard-working can work hard.

the privileged can be privileged.

the less privileged…
can work hard…
can struggle…
can victimize their selves and never really try…
can really try…
can really, really try…


those not white-heterosexual-males can be mocked.

those white-heterosexual-males…


the calm can be calm.

the violent can be violent.

the close-minded can be close-minded.

the open-minded can be open-minded.


the careless can pollute.

the careful can pollute.

the young can grow.

the old can grow too.


we’ve all come to look for America.




How are you?

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