Embodied Spirituality: One Path of the Emerging Post-Religious Paradigm (a thesis)

29 04 2014


In eleven days, I’ll graduate from Naropa University with a BA in Religious Studies (my minors in Creative Writing & Literature and Contemplative Psychology will go unwritten on my diploma, but now you know). To complete my degree, I wrote a thesis on a topic of my choice. My topic: grounding spirituality in the body, rather than in any particular religion. You can read the whole paper here: Embodied Spirituality: One Path of the Emerging Post-Religious Paradigm

It’s basically about how I have found personal, social and cosmic meaning intertwined in my everyday life—through physicality.

Within this paper, you will find sections on the term “religious,” on being “spiritual but not religious,” on the harm of cultural appropriation sometimes found in the spiritual but not religious movement, on the benefits of consciously engaging one’s body in one’s life, and on Body-Mind Psychotherapy, Rolfing, the Diamond Approach, and an embodied Judaism.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, questions and challenges (for you or for me) around this!

Thanks to my parents for supporting me through college. It’s been good.




Update, May 26, 2014: I presented my thesis to my peers on May 5th. My friend Greg filmed the presentation and recorded audio. While the video did not capture the entire talk, the audio is complete. Thus, the last few minutes incorporate images to accompany the end of the talk. The images were all found on Google Image Search, and include a few Alex Grey paintings. In Joy:




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