All My Art (Direct Downloads)

The word “inspired” comes from two words: In Spirit.
On this page, you can directly download some Spirits i have been In.


May Be Metaphorical: A recent collection of poetry, intentionally ordered, compiled in 2010.

Free Writes: A three-year (and growing) collection of unrestrained, unedited, spontaneous, streams of consciousness (i find this to be my most exciting writing).

14-18: A biographic anthology of my earliest writing explorations, with brief explanations as my writing changed.

For Illumination and Liberation

SpiritSophy: (coming soon)

Thank Abraxas: While experiencing tremendous bliss as a part of a group of honest, open, humble people, meeting in Ithaca, NY, I put together this 11-page reflection on language, thoughts, and emotions, and how they can be used to liberate our selves.


Here is all of my solo recorded material. Chronologically, I recorded Early Crawlings in 2005-2006 (except the last track, “Wading in This Lake”, in 2010). In early 2010, after “Wading in This Lake”, I recorded three albums, in this order: Easy Sailing, Beauty is in the I of the Beholder, Love is For Giving (the file Lyrics contains the lyrics for these three albums). I recorded two ‘Journal Jams‘, the musical equivalent of the written Free Writes, shortly thereafter. Recently, I’ve been recording onto a simple computer microphone, with a simple editing program. I group these recordings in the folder A Wave of Light.

And here is all my music in one file.


How are you?

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