Easy is in the Giving (Compilation)

What played to be, before surrender, plays to be.

Love is For Giving (April, 2010)

The forest eats its roots and grows another forest, while snakes lead the dance of delight to the reciprocated glee of the Tricksters and the presiding Angels. Mycelia ponder the Being of Nature. And in a dark corner of the sun, Abraxas is being called, eternally, to the frozen game show stage, for another round of: Spin That Wheel!

Beauty is in the I of the Beholder (February, 2010)

Jagged edges define the path, the form of cartuscian glitter that litters the lasting impression of endless dividends divided and rescinded. Ozzymandias laughs with a mouth full of sand. From inside his stomach, a lotus blooms.

Easy Sailing (January, 2010)

Windblown memories of living free and buoyancy, the carefree history of sincerity, floating through what happens to be, continually, the paradoxical dream of the cloud on the open sea.


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