What? (D.A.’s Current Philosophy)

There are two major “dimensions” of reality, which are not actually separate, but can seem, and are easier to discuss, separately.

1. On an Absolute Level, Life—the Entirety of Existence—is Completely Perfect. Every single person’s perceptions, sensations, and actions are what they need to b; these micro-phenomena are all Perfect, resembling the macro-Perfection of Everything.

2. On a Relative Level, We, as individuals and as communities, have a lot of work to do to make Absolute Perfection more apparent on the Relative Level. Some actions, in fact, appear to be the complete opposite of perfect (see private for-profit prisons, for one example).

As a person’s trust in Life’s Perfection increases, however, their perceptions, sensations and actions reveal and share Perfection more clearly. Their mind becomes uncluttered by misinterpretations (i.e. limiting judgments, misunderstandings of other beings, etc.) and their actions transform from unrecognized reactions to self-willed decisions, decisions that are in harmony with the Perfection of Life, creating a clearer and clearer Perfect Life.

Perfection is an ideal that is inherent in every “I” and every “deal” we make. It is entirely Real. The more aware we become of Absolute Perfection, the more apparent Relative Perfection becomes.

Subnote: Physical death is a loud example of change. Change (i.e. birth & death, arising and passing away) is the nature of all things, all parts, of Life; impermanence is the permanent state of Existence. But Existence itself, Life, is all-ways Completely Perfect; our awareness of it can expand or diminish, but Perfection never changes. The specific ways in which it manifests and reveals itself is all that changes.

The infant is no less perfect because it knows not how to walk.




and now
a section
Short Sayings

(which may or may not originate in the mind i utilize this life)

  1. The snake sheds its skin when the snake’s skin is ready to be shed.
  2. Love is an action, and it is never easy.
  3. There is nothing easier than love.
  4. If we do not bend, we will surely break.

One response

3 01 2012

Jess and I were just talking about perfection tonight! and saying the same, all is perfect regardless of our perception of right/wrong good/bad. The feeling of it is getting clearer 🙂 And #s 2 and 3 feel so true!

My new favorite (at times uncomfortable) practice is all-encompassing GRATITUDE. What happens if we are grateful for everything we perceive is bad and wrong? Thank you war! Thank you self-judgement! Thank you violent destruction of nature. Ahhhhguhhh happens inside of me, and then sometimes, a release of brilliant love.

How are you?

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