Here are several collections of poetry. Click a title to view it.

[Note: In the Table of Contents of most these collections, you can click on a poem title to jump directly to that poem.]

Transition Poems

Transition Poems (A couple poems from January, 2013; 10 pages)

Blind Sun Reality

Blind Sun Reality (16 poems from a Fall 2012 Naropa University creative writing class; 29 pages)

A Life in Passing

A Life in Passing (A chapbook from 2012, with an introduction from 2015; 46 pages)

Inspirations and Reclamations

Inspirations and Reclamations (16 poems from a Spring 2012 Naropa University creative writing class, with an introduction from 2015; 17 pages)

May Be Metaphorical

May Be Metaphorical (48 poems from 2007-2009, with an introduction from 2015; 53 pages)

Could Be Gold: Young Poems

Could Be Gold – Young Poems (9 poems from 2001-2007, with an introduction from 2015; 13 pages)

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